Premium WordPress Website Development

We Provide the Customization and Content

How The Premium Website Development Package Works

This is a turn-key website package for business owners that don’t have the time or resources to write website content.

  1. Click here to pick a theme for us to customize.
  2. Contact us to discuss the project and arrange payment.
  3. We build it! (Just let us know the domain we’ll be building it on, and send us the hosting details.)
  4. We write the content and we post it (up to 10 pages or posts with pictures).
  5. Your site goes live!

What’s Included in The Premium WordPress Package

Here is a list of the services being provided with the premium package.

We Install WordPress

We will install WordPress on your host of choice. We prefer working with Linux-based hosts since they natively support WordPress and all it’s enhanced functionality. Windows servers just won’t cut it here. We recommend WiredTree hosting.

We Install Your Theme

By default, WordPress looks very plain and, um boring. We will install the theme you select below and any necessary frameworks such as Genesis. During the installation, we’ll clean things up and optimize the website for best performance.

We Configure the Theme

Installing WordPress and a Theme isn’t enough. We also integrate your colors and logo into the website to truly make it “yours”. Once we’re done, the website will look like a part of your brand and company.

We Write the Content

Since this is our premium service, there is no need to write any content for the website. We will contact you for some guidance and then proceed to create up to 10 articles of content for your website. All articles are written by top tier copywriters.

We Optimize for SEO

With most of the “pretty stuff” out of the way, we’ll shift focus towards optimizing your WordPress website so it’s ready for search engines to crawl. We’ll install critical plugins and enable settings for maximum search engine exposure.

We Secure the Website

If a WordPress website is left “as-is” after installation, it can be a big security risk. We help protect your website by securing the WordPress installation against hacks, malware and intrusion with industry-grade plugins and monitoring.

We Finish Quickly

We know you need your website up and running as soon as possible. That why we finish most of our websites within 10-12 business days (excluding holidays). So don’t worry, your website and deadlines are in good hands.

We Stick Around

It’s hard saying goodbye to beautiful websites. So if you ever need extra help customizing your website, we’re here for you. You can always retain us for future jobs with our easy to purchase 5 Hour Package.

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